Demolition Guidance Notes

  1. This form applies to demolition of the whole or part of a building. However, you do not need to give notice under the Building Act 1984 in the following situations:
    1. Where there is in place a demolition order made under the Housing Act 1957.
      1. A demolition –
        1. Of an internal part of a building,
        2. Of a building that has volume less than 50 cubic metres,
        3. Detached agricultural buildings; attached garages, carports,   greenhouses and sheds.
    2. Where this form applies demolition cannot start until:
      1. This Notice is submitted, and
        1. Either –
          1. We have issued the ‘counter-notice’ under Section 81, or
          2. 6 weeks have expired.
  2. We will make requirements as to the demolition and will notify other organisations that we have received the Notice. It is the responsibility of the person commissioning and/ or carrying out the work to ensure that all necessary notifications, and health and safety precautions are taken; and that the statutory undertakers for gas, water and electricity are notified. Any occupiers of adjacent properties must also be notified.

Your local council’s development control department may need to be notified of an intention to carry out this demolition.

What happens next?

After receiving this form, we will serve a ‘counter-Notice’ under Section 81 of the Building Act, making requirements that you will have to comply with. These requirements will be about dealing with services such as gas, electricity, water and drainage. There will be requirements about protecting adjacent buildings; clearing the site; burning of rubbish and other items as considered necessary.

We will respond within 10 working days. Statutory undertakers who provide the infrastructure for gas, water, electricity, public sewers, etc need at least 6 weeks notice of the intention to demolish.

You have a right to complain about decisions we make or the service you receive and we welcome all feedback