LABC registered details scheme

We can give national approval for your design, product or system

Under agreement by all local authorities in England and Wales, design approvals for ‘building types’ and ‘building systems’ can be issued by one local authority and accepted by all other local authorities, providing there are no changes in design, implementation, construction or site specific variables.

We have issued national type approvals for many systems, from ‘Part ‘M’ disabled fit-out packs to structural support systems. Our approval covers compliance with the building regulations. A register of approved designs is kept by LABC to enable local authority building control officers to look up and check design approvals.


Having a registered detail (housing, commercial, or industrial) or a complete building element approved by LABC means that it can be used without the full plans approval process happening repetitively around the country at each site. This saves time and money for all involved in the design, construction and assessment of building work.

To find out more about the scheme, visit LABC’s website

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